Client Feedback

“Provided practical advice, reduced our gas usage costs by 23%. Profiled our electricity usage & identified areas to reduce expenses. Great service. "Barry & Carmen" - Exchange House Food Store - Lucknow.  


“Reduced our electricity usage costs by 18% by negotiating with the retailer on our behalf. Very thorough, easy to deal with. Highly Recommend. "Main Hotel" - Bairnsdale.  


“Reviewed our total electricity usage across multiple factories, detailed power saving actions, as well as organised quotes and installation of our 4 solar systems. Great attention to detail & very easy to work with. "Lynden Kennedy - Kennedy Trailers Bairnsdale. 

“Being a local farming business, it is important to us that we stay ahead as much as we can. With the price of electricity constantly going up, we found it quintessential that We find the best price of electricity and also the best way to use the electricity to our advantage. Paul Guest played a big part in setting up energy consumption data and helped explain how best to manage our power use. Now we can use power at a better rate and more wisely to keep the costs down. Thanks to Paul we find comfort knowing he has our best interest at heart.” Sebastian & Dannie Lanteri - Bairnsdale

“After years of frustration as to why our household electricity bills were so high, and not getting any answers from the energy companies, and even changing energy companies, I chanced upon Paul’s advert in the local paper.  Paul was able to outline what he does and for a reasonable cost, he advised us of the “My Home Energy” website where we could log in to see what times of the day we are using the most energy. He also did an assessment of our home with thermal readings on where we were losing heat/cooling.  He gave us simple tests on our hot water usage and was able to provide practical and reasonable solutions for us to implement and we have halved our monthly energy bills by doing these simple changes.  Thanks Paul.  "The Davidsons" - Wy Yung.  


 “We are retirees on a limited income and have consistently struggled to accurately assess competing offers from energy companies. The sheer number of providers and options versus the lack of criteria to compare like with like made our choices more like a lottery than reasoned decisions. In the home we had only best guesses to guide us as to where heat/cooling losses were occurring - or were likely to occur. Paul guided us through the energy provider selection process, pinpointed areas of likely loss and also suggested practical strategies for the utilisation of energy hungry household devices. We are extremely grateful for his advice – which has already resulted in reduced power bills - and would highly recommend his services. "The Robbos” - Wy Yung.